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Kuroshitsuji II Ep 1-3

I watched episodes 1-3 of Kuroshitsuji II the other night. So far, it is every bit as decadent as you want it to be. Much like episode 1 of Kuroshitsuji I, the first episode of Kuroshitsuji II is a primer on its characters. In the same way that the original series opened with an obscure … Read More

Kuroshitsuji II

Well, callooh callay! I just found out that there is a second season of Kuroshitsuji called, appropriately enough, Kuroshitsuji II. This “sequel” features a different butler and 12-year old master, but evidently Sebastian and several other supporting characters from the first go round are present. There are only 3 episodes available with English subs at … Read More


I finished up the anime version of Kuroshitsuji last night. No vampires here but gosh darn it if the Butler in question, Sebastian Michaelis, isn’t every bit as dark and seductive as you want him to be. As I explained in an earlier post on the manga, the brilliance of Kuroshitsuji lies in a pun. … Read More

Vampires Reading Vampires

This has got to be one of my favorite scenes on Vampire Diaries. Damon is confused by New Moon. Damon: “What’s so special about this Bella girl? Edward is really whipped.” Caroline: “You gotta start with the first book. It won’t make sense if you don’t.” Damon: “I miss Anne Rice. She was so on … Read More

A Word About Teenage Vampires

I watched an episode of the CW’s The Vampire Diaries last night. The show, which is a loose adaptation of a novel series of the same name, takes place in the town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. It centers upon the vampire brothers Damon and Stefan, and Stefan’s love interest Elena. This will undoubtedly become a … Read More

On the Use of Religious Tropes

Father Abel with a steampunk-esque bible. The illustrator of Trinity Blood has a real technology fetish. The more ornate the better. Besides those amazing AX priests and nuns, another reason I get such a kick out of Trinity Blood is its obsession with religious references. It’s pretty much inescapable. Among them are: The vampires are … Read More

Trinity Blood (2005)

Trinity Blood is one of the novel-manga-anime “worlds” I got caught up in last month. “Angst” is Trinity Blood’s middle name because boy! is this an angst ridden bunch! Trinity Blood is set in a post-apocalyptic (of course) world. There was a great war between humans and vampires 900 years ago and now the humans, … Read More