1. Religion is not the opiate of the masses: poppies are the opiates of the masses.

2. The seed heads are a sign of the death of the flower.

3. Yet the seed head is the vehicle for the flower’s dissemination.

4. Religious questions of texts should be charitable and hospitable.

5. A religious question is an invitation and the text is its guest.

6. The objects of our everyday lives speak to us of both matters of design and of the sacredness of the everyday.

7. To ask a religious question is not always to ask a Religious question.

8. Religion and theory are often twin discourses.

9. To be an intentional Christian scholar does not always manifest itself in explicit ways.

10. “What would Jesus Do” is not a religious question.

11. Religious questions “tell the story of unseen things,” both sacred and mundane.

12. Sometimes the best religious questions are the ones that don’t seem religious at all.