I am an associate professor of English Literature at Calvin College in Michigan. I live with my husband Dale, two children, and four cantankerous cats.  Although my husband and I are both native Southern Californians, we transplanted to Michigan in 2005.  The biggest challenge has been my husband’s search for good surf.  It’s a far cry from Trestles, but he now surfs Lake Michigan whenever he gets the chance.

This website curates my interests, both academic and personal, and serves as a platform for my teaching and for organizing resources for my students.

“Poppy Fields Studio” collates the design projects that I’ve produced and my thoughts on the topic of crafting and branding.  My crafting and book making are more than a hobby, less than a profession–a supplement to my work as an English Professor, perhaps.  I like to think of it as putting my academic interest in design into practice.

“The Vampire Blog” is a testament to my predilection for all things vampiric.  It contains reviews for vampire novels and books.

I am currently working on a project on Mina Loy, looking at both her poetry and her design work.  You can find a fuller description of my research interests at “Research.”


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