An Interlude in Honor of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

My friend and colleague Chad and I taught a class called Speaking Pictures for Interim 2009. Here is a little presentation I did on parody and the aesthetification of violence. I hope the links still work…..


Die Walküre
What’s Opera Doc? (1957)

Clips from Mystery Men.
Chapter 8: Wisdom of the Spinx

Slow Motion Walking and Other Movie Tropes
A Tribute to Michael Bay

Michael Bay Verizon Commercial

(We weren’t able to get through the rest of the lecture because Prof. Williams was struck down with the flu in the midst of the tribute to Michael Bay. Feel free to watch them on your own.)

Foucault’s Favorite Movie. It’s de Certeau’s favorite too.
It’s all there: violence, power, institutions, hacking. And it’s all so beautiful.
(hint: check out the shower of shell casings. So good because it’s so true.)*
The Matrix Lobby Scene

Parodic Versions:
Do they reinforce the model or not?

Monsters Inc.
Start about 3:20 into clip.
Mystery Men Dressed to Kill

Bullfrog Ballet

Waiting for Godot
Start at 6:00 into the clip to seen the dialogue about waiting by the tree.
Waiting for Elmo

*From The Matrix
Agent Smith: Here that Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability. That is the sound of your death.
Neo: My name is Neo!