The Vampire Effect (2003)

Dale and I just watched The Vampire Effect, AKA The Twins Effect. #35 on the Top 70 Vampire Films of All Time list.


It has got to be the oddest vampire movie I have ever seen.

Let me put it this way. Jackie Chan is in it. And the two heroines have matching corduroy jackets with lots of rhinestone pins and ribbons. LOTS of rhinestone pins and ribbons. One is lilac and the other is lime green.

Although I must say, the fight scene at the church was rather awesome. It’s always nice to see girls in matching lilac and lime green jackets with rhinestone pins and ribbons pretty much decimating an entire vampire army.

And there is a love story too. Helen’s older brother is one of the top Vampire Hunters in the Anti-Vampire League. Helen falls in love with the 5th Vampire Price, Kazaf. Kazaf takes her on a date and gives her a black wedding dress to wear. It’s complicated.

You should see it just because it’s such an odd spectacle. And there is a sequel, which is now on our Netflix queue. Although I won’t get credit for Vampire Effect: 2 on the Top 70 List. Still, if Jackie Chan is in that one too it will be worth it.