Equal Time

In the interest of equal time, I found a list of the top 25 surfing movies of all time. So now I suppose we will alternate movies nights or something? The crossed off titles are the ones that Dale has seen. I may or may not have seen them as well.

Surfing Magazine’s Top 25 Surfing Movies of All Time

25. Second Thoughts (Timmy Turner, 2004)
24. What’s Really Going On (Mike Reola, 1995)
23. Big Wednesday (John Milius, 1978)
22. Wave Warriors III (Herbie Fletcher, 1998)
21. Riding Giants (Stacy Peralta, 2004)
20. Pump! (Billabong, 1990)
19. Montaj (Matt Gye, 2002)
18. Sipping Jetstreams (Taylor Steele and Dustin Humphrey, 2006)
17. Magnaplasm (Richard Woolcott and Troy Eckert, 1998)
16. Kelly Slater in Black and White (Richard Woolcott, 1991)
15. Beyond Blazing Boards (Chris Bystrom, 1985)
14. Litmus (Andrew Kidman and Jon Frank, 1997)
13. The Seedling (Thomas Campbell, 1999)
12. The Big Surf (Bud Browne, 1957)
11. September Sessions (Chris Malloy and Jack Johnson, 2000)
10. First Chapter (Jason Muir and Dane Reynolds, 2006)
9. Five Summer Stories (Macgillivray/Freeman, 1972)
8. Green Iguana (Jack McCoy, 1992)
7. Searching for Tom Curren (Sonny Miller and Derek Hynd, 1996)
6. Free Ride (Bill Delaney, 1977)
5. Innermost Limits of Pure Fun (George Greenough, 1969)
4. Thicker Than Water (Chris Malloy, Emmett Malloy and Jack Johnson, 1999)
3. Momentum (Taylor Steele, 1992)
2. Morning of the Earth (Alby Falzon, 1972)
1. The Endless Summer (Bruce Brown, 1966)

I don’t know what criteria Surfing used to determine this list but even I noticed some glaring omissions.

The Endless Summer II (Bruce Brown, 1994)
North Shore (William Phelps, 1987)
Monster Thursday (Arild Østin Ommundsen, 2004)