Bubble (2005)

Dale and I both wanted to watch a movie last night so we had to find a compromise film. We watched Bubble. It’s by Steven Soderbergh. We thought it would be a horror film but it wasn’t. It’s about the relationship between three people who work at a doll factory somewhere in the midwest. It’s very sad and tragic.

What’s interesting is that Soderbergh used only nonprofessional actors, which gives the film an almost documentary quality. And cut in between the scenes with dialogue or action are scenes of dolls being made at the factory. That part is pretty creepy and odd, I must say. The mechanistic and repetitive process of pulling plastic baby heads and arms out of a mold matches the sad lives of the factory works. Kyle, one of the main characters, is in charge of pouring the plastic into the molds and then popping out the finished pieces. He has to stick some kind of fork tool into the molds to pull the pieces out and this poking and pulling causes the heads to distort and bend and buckle. Just like the people who work at the factory.