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Vampire Hunter D: The Stuff of Dreams

I’m alternating grading blue books with reading. I’m up to volume 5 in the Vampire Hunter D series. The English translations all have postscripts by Kikuchi, some written especially for the translation. And what strikes me again and again is that D seems to be a Western character through and through. And by Western, I … Read More

Vampire Hunter D

Now that I’d read all of the issues of Hellsing that are out, I find myself shifted to a new obsession — Vampire Hunter D, of course. Those take longer to read because they are novels, at least. The other day I read 3 of the series, Vampire Hunter D: Demon Deathchase, and then yesterday … Read More

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

I finished all the grading for ONE of my classes so as a reward, I watched Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. This is the one I saw with my good friend Jim way back in grad school. Wow. What a terrific film. I take back what I said about the anime version of D being a … Read More

Vampire Hunter D and Apple

You can now buy chapters of Hideyuki Kikuchi’s Vampire Hunter D, the manga, from iTunes. You use an app called Uclick to deliver sections of the manga to your iPhone or iPod touch. There are 6 downloads for volume 1 and each download is $0.99. You can read the press release from DMP here. Yet … Read More

Waiting for Hellsing

I can tell that I ought to be grading papers because I find myself reading at breakneck speed. I got Hellsing 6 and 7 at Schuler’s the other day but they didn’t have vol 8. I charged through Hellsing 6 and 7 — when is Alucard going to show back up! — and now I’m … Read More

Zombies Done Right

Now here’s a book that looks intriguing. Here is a sample: Biting into heads is much harder than it looks. The skull is feisty or Brains, BRAINS, BRains, brains, BRAINS. BRaiNS, brains, Brains, BRAINS, BRains, brains, BRAINS. BRAINS, BRains, brains, BRAINS, brains. Of course, the only thing better than Zombie Haiku is Vampire Haiku. Too … Read More

Done with the Zombies

At long last, I finished Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It took great strength of will and self-discipline to finish, so I suppose that zombie killer, “bride of death” Elizabeth Bennett would be proud. Honestly, I can’t understand what all the fuss is about. And it’s not because I’m an “Austen Purist,” a being evidently … Read More

Whoops, I Did it Again

I had every intention of reading Astro City as CAE had suggested. But then the next three volumes of Hellsing arrived from Amazon! What was I to do?! And now I’ve gone and read all three in a day and a half. So that means waiting for the next three. Maybe I’ll read Astro City … Read More

Waiting for Hellsing

I found this in my box this morning with a note from CAE: CAE writes “J- Trust me: you want to read this one.” Since I DO trust CAE implicitly, and since I have to wait until Tuesday for Hellsing Vol 4, 5, and 6 to show up, read it I shall.

Hellsing by Kohta Hirano

I am smitten. I have a new favorite vampire. The Hellsing manga series is fabulous. My first manga, by the way. It has actually been harder than I thought to re-train my eyes to read right to left. I read the panels right to left ok but I keep wanting to read the dialogue from … Read More

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